The Prophet Amos: 4 Videos

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This talk covers the background of Amos which is necessary to understand the message he was giving. As God tells Amos “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets.” We can be encouraged by this and the speaker takes lessons from the message to both Israel and the surrounding nations that we can apply to ourselves.

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Amos reveals that God does reveal his secrets to his servants, but if they don’t respond favourably to his call, and ignore repeated appeals to return to him, there will sadly eventually be a day of darkness. As a result, Israel suffered at the hands of the Assyrians, and later Judah suffered at the hands of the Babylonians. Unless we respond, the future will also be dark for us. Amos’ appeal is to return unto God who has given us the choice.

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Here, the prophet describes his visions – plagues of locusts, judgement, fire eating up the land, and ruin for Israel. This message was not well received at the time but, as we know, it mattered little because the truth of it remained the same. Israel’s destruction came to pass and their comfortable existence was wiped away. This is a lesson that rings true for us even today – that we must accept and believe what God has to say and not what we would want him to say.

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Fruit in a basket which has been picked shows that the end is nigh for the northern kingdom, the day of judgement is coming. The rich were taking advantage of the poor and abusing them to their own advantage. Man’s greed is his downfall. God finishes the prophecy with a promise of hope.

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