Theistic Evolution: A Challenge For Our Times.

Christadelphians ‘DO NOT’ believe in Theistic Evolution!

But what is Theistic Evolution, Evolutionary Creationism or GDE (God Directed Evolution)?

This Video Explains what it is, how it first appeared in the Christadelphian Community 50+ years ago and It shows how the Christadelphians dealt with the issue.

Today, many ‘Christians’ have accepted TE as fact and embrace the so-called scientific evidence in support of TE.

Today the issue has resurfaced in our community mainly due to key Bible truths being undermined, such as…. the inspiration of the whole of the Bible is no longer accepted by some as truth, (2 Tim 3:16) they claim the opening chapters of the book of Genesis is not a historical account and that the text has been added to and believe various other delusions to justify their convictions.

The presenter of this video takes us through some of the questions and answers that are presented as proof of TE, showing that with only the smallest amount of scriptural knowledge coupled with an acceptance that the whole of the Bible is Inspired (God Breathed) by God, the ‘theory’ of TE is easily dismissed, just as it was in the 1960’s when those who promoted such views were withdrawn from due to serious error.
Watch this video and understand the arguments put forth and be edified and encouraged by the truth of the scriptures.

This video shows how Theistic Evolution is an attempt to change the unchangeable word of the creator God to make it fit with so called scientific evidence. The video shows how Theistic Evolution is incompatible with the Bible and the Christadelphian Statement of Faith

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…


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