Trinidad & Tobago Inter-Ecclesial Gathering -3 videos

Description for Exhortation: This is an exhortation about holding on to, cleaving to, sticking to, God as our Father in times of trials and difficulties.
Descriptions: David, Comfort for the Lonely

David’s attitude changed from when he was chased by Saul to the time he was pursued by Absalom. The two Psalms speaking of these times, show that comfort can only be found in approaching God. Only God and the Lord Jesus truly understand the troubles we individually face.
Peter Glorifies God

The Lord Jesus knew that Peter would deny his lord. But the Lord also knew that when was instructed to feed his sheep, Peter would. Peter’s last letter demonstrates his feeding of the sheep and in so doing, glorifies God.

Talk 1: We are one human family, descendants of one couple and, later, of Noah’s family. Human nature is warped by our proneness to act from selfish motives and prejudice. Love your neighbour as yourself and live a Christ-like life. When he was insulted he did not answer back.

Talk 2: People in every nation are welcomed into God’s family, based on doing what is right. The New Testament standard is equality, with no partiality, in Christ’s ecclesia. A great multitude of all nations, peoples and languages will be together in the Kingdom of God.

Talk 3: We are to come out of the world and not participate in public protests or democracy. These are temporary, but God’s plan stands for ever. We are to share our hope in the imminence of the worldwide Kingdom of God.

Talk 4: Bible examples of discrimination show we can all be unwitting victims of prejudice. By eating, praying and reading the Bible together we can protect our families. Our children will copy what they hear in our homes. Concentrate on our hope of the near return of our Lord to judge the world in righteousness.

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