Unexpected Converts – 3 Videos

#1: A Christadelphian Video: Description: All idolatrous Canaanites were to be destroyed but the Gibeonites had listened to the Word of God and acted upon their belief. They were included into the Temple process, and in particular, to attend upon the altar of burnt offering. From condemned aliens they became central to the worship of Israel.

#2:  Jericho was doomed, but Rahab and her family were saved out of God’s destruction of Jericho because of what she had heard and believed of His miraculous works. She declared her faith in Israel’s God because she understood that God was working with Israel.

#3 God is no respecter of persons. Disciples who have converted to God’s message of salvation are not without sin. Even if found in a ‘good’ moral standing, they must still follow the directions given. The Gibeonites, Rahab and Cornelius-all non-Jew, had to heed instructions. The Gibeonites were bound forever to Temple/Tabernacle service. Rahab and her family were to keep fast within her house and to remain silent upon the issue. Cornelius needed to hear the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ and to be baptized into the name of the Lord.

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