Virtual Youth Study Group; Nehemiah Youth Study Series: 8 videos

A Series of videos on the Biblical account of Nehemiah. In these studies we will explore in detail: the Gates of Jerusalem, the people on the walls, Nehemiah as a person, and a type of Christ – plus the glorious visions of the Kingdom at the final dedication of Jerusalem. These studies were given to the young people in the UK during the Covid-19 lockdown.

If you would like to participate in the live event on the days the classes are recorded please fill out this form.

( Click the image to play from the first study – to make full screen click the double-headed arrow on the bottom right of the player.

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Are you going to add the next 4 videos? These are super good and I am learning so much. These teenagers + just amaze me! Good on everyone! Love this site! Keep doing what you are doing- it is just wonderful! Love in Christ- Sis.Glenda Philip- Calgary AB Canada

thanks for your question, We will ask bro Luke and see what he says.

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