Walk with the Wise – 3 Videos

A Christadelphian Video: In our first study, we consider the life of a WORLD FAMOUS King, Uzziah. His life highlights the connection between Godly wisdom + success in his early years, contrasted with his foolish pride + destruction later in his life. He was well advised in his successful years and yet chose to ignore it to His downfall. The stark contrast leaves us with some great life lessons we can take away. A godly mentor taught the young king, who prospered as long as he sought God. Eventually pride was his undoing. Entering the temple to burn incense, he was opposed by brave priests. God punished the enraged king with leprosy. We must be willing to take advice.

A Christadelphian Video:A Christadelphian Video: We are introduced to Abiathar during an intensely traumatic time in his life, and yet he is introduced into David’s life at a time when he is struggling for answers, and slowly drifting away from his reliance on God. In this study, we will focus on the beautiful relationship these two men shared, a friendship that sprang up in the middle of uncertainty and torment, friendship between a King and his High Priest based on Godly Counsel that lasted for nearly 45 years. We will see that for David, Abiathar was his “Bible” in tough times, through the advice he gave and the example of life he lived – but how about us? Do we have that same spiritual guidance in our lives, and are we offering it to others? Description: When Abiathar, with ephod in hand, joined David and his band of fugitives, David was able to receive God’s direction and he enquired repeatedly. The two men were friends for many years, setting us an example of praying together, heeding God’s message and risking our lives for each other

A Christadelphian Video: A Christadelphian Video: Our final study delves into the lives of three ordinary people – one business owner, one wife, one young immigrant interested friend – and shows us the gold standard of how people should work together through the good times and the bad times. The story of Boaz, Naomi and Ruth is so much more than the love story we all know it to be; it’s a picture of how to work together in the middle of decaying ecclesial and social environments and it shows us how young people can help and encourage older people; and how older people can help and encourage younger people. As the saying goes, “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it” and now more than ever in a world tearing itself apart we need strong ecclesial communities built by the sharing of wisdom between generations. Description: Like one who moves to where there is no ecclesia, Naomi lost almost all that she had. Only her belief in God was left, binding Ruth to her, and she returned. Those who leave can be restored to the ecclesia through maintaining contact and making them a part of our lives.

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