Walking With Jesus Christ: Who is Jesus? Seminar Series – 24 Videos

This series differs in focus from our first series. The first series explored how walking with Jesus gave direction to how one makes choices about living.

But, this one specifically examines who Jesus is, as revealed in the Scriptures. It has more of a doctrinal focus and does attempt to speak to a more public audience.

Here’s the topics that the videos deal with:

.       Introduction (1 Video)
.       Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (5 Videos)
.       Jesus the Man (4 Videos)
.       Jesus the Son of God (3 Videos)
.       Why Did Jesus Christ Die? (4 Videos)
.       Jesus Christ Today (4 Video)
.       Jesus the Future Judge and King (3 Video)

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Produced in (location) by the
Christadelphian Preaching Committee of Southern California
© Copyright. All rights reserved.

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Comments (2)

I do not like how you do not allow a series to be broken up Into individual videos. I want to be able to put up one video on my screen that I think is good out of the series for my friends .

Now I have to put up the whole of the series. Because I can’t break it down into just individual videos.

hi Sister, you can just select the video you want and share that? once you click on the video you want to watch it will play on the main player.

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