What the Bible Says about…’ITSELF’

A brand new webinar video series of 6 classes dealing with some very basic questions concerning the Bible Truth. No one wants to believe a lie, yet there are many different ideas about what the bible teaches and promoted as ‘TRUTH’ and obviously, they can not all be correct. This series hosted by the Christadelphians at rugby(UK) is designed to get to the bottom of any misconceptions by using the example of the Bereans – who searched the scriptures daily to see if the things that were being taught by the apostles were true.

In this class, our host Laurence, interviews Chris, Mike and Barnaby to discuss what the Bible claims about itself – in this discussion we are not concerned about what man says about it, as much has been written by man about the origins of the Bible and its place in the canon of world religions and that is of no help to a discerning believer trying to seek out God for themselves – so what does the Bible actually say about itself. Watch this video…you will be amazed!

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