Why Doesn’t God Talk With Us Today?

New series of pamphlets dealing with some of the most basic questions often asked by those seeking the Truth about God.

This article answers the question…


Why doesn’t God speak to us today as He once did to the Jewish people?

Ancient Israel heard God’s actual voice and saw manifestations of His great power. Wouldn’t this convince people today who have turned the silence of God into a reason to deny His existence? Wouldn’t this clear away the confusion of the multiple voices all claiming to speak on God’s behalf? One voice, one message!

It is obvious God has not chosen this way to communicate with us. What is not obvious is why. In this booklet, the reader is invited to:

  • Discover why God doesn’t operate this way.
  • Learn a vital lesson God taught both Moses and the prophet Elijah who wanted God to speak to the people by showing His great power.
  • Find out about the real purpose for miracles, including the miraculous gifts given to Jesus’ disciples in the first century.
  • Uncover the truth about what the gifts of the Holy Spirit could and could not do.
  • Discover what really has the power to change us and develop in us the faith God desires
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Read the whole series here….

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