“ALL THAT IS WRITTEN IN THIS BOOK” Thoughts from today’s Bible readings – Nov. 5th


There is only one book that can transform lives – and when that ‘book’ was discovered as they cleared out the temple in the reign of the young king Josiah [2 Chron.34 v.1-3], life in the Holy Land was transformed.  But that only happened because the king, from a young age, only 16


began to seek the God of his fathers”.

What an effect the discovery of that book had!  But we must realize that it only had that effect because they read and saw that its words had a divine source. It was more than a human book: they believed what they read and acted to show their belief.

They also realized that God had been in action to bring (or allow) their troubled situation to arise, “because our fathers have not kept the word of the LORD, to do according to all that is written in this book.”


This principle of life in the sight of God has not changed – as we see in the readings in Acts. The Apostle Paul, preaching in Thessalonica “went in, as his custom was, and on three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the Scriptures.”  [Acts 17 v.27]   Those who did not want to open their minds to what the Scriptures really mean, opposed Paul’s reasoning – and friction followed.  But out of it all “some of them were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas”


  What lessons can we take from the attitudes around us today? Sadly, so many are so enjoying all the diversions this life offers, they do not give themselves a chance to be persuaded.

Let’s return to Acts ch. 2 and imagine the spirit that existed after Peter’s speech at Pentecost!  They had been “cut to the heart” and said – and imagine the state of mind as they said this, “Brothers, what shall we do?”  


What a special time followed.  We cannot hear Peter – or Paul – today – but we all have the opportunity to read “all that” God has caused to be “written” and preserved – and is now freely available in just about every language!

It alone provides genuine inspiration for our lives – and to believe our world has a wondrous future. The developments in God’s Holy Land over the last 100 years are a remarkable sign for us – as an example, look at what “is written” in tomorrow’s chapter 3 in Hosea.  It ends, “Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the LORD their God … and they shall come in fear to the LORD and to his goodness in the latter days.”

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