Daily Readings & Thought for March 17th. “SOMEONE TOUCHED ME”

Today’s readings.. (Leviticus 25), (Psalm 135,136), (Luke 8)

The great majority, until the last generation or two, have had contact with Jesus Christ in the sense that they have heard and read about him, although sometimes in a distorted sense.  Sadly today there is less and less contact with him, with 7 billion + people in the world how few know anything about his teaching, we conclude an awareness of God and his Son now “has gone out to all the earth” [Rom.10 v.18] as was predicted (Matt. 24 v14)

Our thoughts flowed along these lines as we read Luke’s account of the healing of a woman who had been suffering for 12 years with a “discharge of blood” [ch.8 v.43] and had spent all her money in trying to be healed.  She came in “the crowds” that “were surrounding him”, how keen they were to hear him, a contrast to today. This woman came “in the crowds” and had a remarkable notion that it would be good to at least touch him.  When “Jesus said, ‘Who was it that touched me?’” 

     Peter responds, “Master, the crowds surround you and are pressing in on you”  Jesus responded, “Someone touched me, for I perceive that power has gone out from me.” [v.46]

It is how you “touch” Jesus that makes all the difference; equally, we conclude, it is how you reach out with your mind, the urgency of your need to know and have a relationship with him, that makes all the difference in your life.  It is more, much more, than gaining an intellectual understanding.  It is vital to reach out and “touch” Jesus with a real sense of how vital it is to do this. 

Those who do this establish an ongoing relationship that will lead to an eternal relationship.  Such become one of “his people” – they take on “his name” and the verses in the Psalm we read today become fully meaningful and true for them. “Your name O LORD, endures forever , your renown, O LORD, throughout all ages.  For the LORD will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.” [Psa. 135 v.13,14] 

Let us take on his name, and live up to the privilege and responsibility of bearing his name, then when Jesus returns our lives will be vindicated (i.e. assessed as righteous) and we will “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever”


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