“DO NOT REMEMBER AGAINST US …” Thoughts from today’s Bible readings – Feb. 15th

D.Caudery Our first reading of Exodus ch. 26 today goes into great detail about the construction of the Tabernacle.  The great and wondrous Creator of all things, no doubt with his angels, had every detail ‘mapped’ out.  After giving all the details of the “fine twined linen and blue and purple and scarlet yarns”


and its’ use  in the curtains with “fifty clasps of gold” to couple it all together – Moses is told to “erect the tabernacle according to the plan for it that you were shown on the mountain.”


Our minds are provoked into feeling over-awed in reflecting on the work of the Creator and the angels, as they planned out the detail of the Tabernacle, before it was revealed to Moses. We have just read in the Psalms reference to the wilderness journey when “man ate of the bread of the angels” [78 v.25]. We are in humbled awe of this unseen spirit world.  We now read today’s Psalm 79 how a contrasting scene unfolds.  It tells how the “holy temple” has been “defiled” and enemies have “laid Jerusalem in ruins.”


The Psalmists prayer then is “How long, O LORD? Will you be angry forever?”


  Today we sense that the Lord’s anger is turning again other nations – those who have no belief in God, especially those around Israel.  The Psalmist’s prayer is, “Pour out your anger on the nations that do not know you, and on the kingdoms that do not call upon your name!”


  This describes our world today!  Our world did, to some degree “know” God when the Bible was first translated into all languages and many eagerly read it and believed it; but that is no longer the case.  

The Psalmists prayer is for Israel, “Do not remember against us our former iniquities; let your compassion come speedily to meet us …”


That surely is a prayer, written so long ago, that anticipates the situation unfolding before us today.  May it soon – very soon – be answered. 

The last verse declares, “we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will give thanks to you forever …”And may we be truly spiritual ‘Israel’ and so also be “the sheep of your pasture” O Lord – today – and foreverin your kingdombecause our Lord does “not remember” anything “against us”.  

Finally, when we read Mark ch. 11 we saw an ultimate application of the voices that shouted on that occasion! May our voices join in shouting one day – and very soon “Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” [Mark 11 v.9]

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