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‘Bible in the News provides a weekly analysis of world politics and events
in the light of Bible prophecy — the Bible in the News!
A different presenter each week gives an account of a particular event from the news that has caught their eye – Detailed analysis of that event in light of what the ‘Sriptures saith’ is offered for your consideration.
Visit – from audio broadcasts frm 2006′

We live in a very troubled world. Do we need to be worried as we move into 2019? Researchers look at many countries and see people are worried about terrorism, unemployment, health care, crime and violence. Storm clouds are gathering over a global economy. We live in an interconnected world unlike any previous time and yet the darkness of loneliness plagues many people. In the Bible, we have a more sure word of prophecy which offers hope for the future.

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Bible in the News

Unlikely Prophecies Fulfilled As events move in strides, things small and large demonstrate God’s hand. [ytp_video source="ari8YsgjPS4"]          Listen in ...

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