12 reasons to believe in the Bible

There are many reasons why you should believe in the Bible. Here are twelve of them…

Reason Brief description
The harmony of the Bible The Bible has 66 sections, by about 40 different authors, written over a period of about 1,500 years. Yet despite this, the harmony running through the Bible is exceptional. This article explains why.

Historical events recorded in the Bible accurately When you look at the writings in the Bible and compare it against the ancient records written by historians you will find that the writings of the Bible match the historical writings exactly.

Historians and the Bible agree Josephus Flavius was a first century AD Jewish historian. He wrote about many figures well known from the New Testament. He specifically refers to John the Baptist, James the Lord’s brother, Jesus and Judas.

Bible prophecy:

world history foretold

From the very beginning, God has had a plan for the earth and the human race and He will see it slowly but surely come to completion. Prophecy is, in part, saying how this plan will unfold in the future.

The Jews:scattered and regathered The Biblical book of Jeremiah says that Israel would be scattered and regathered. That is exactly what happened. This article explains how this prophecy proved that the Bible is God’s inspired word.

World focus:

modern Israel

If you read the newspaper or watch the news on the television, you may have noticed one thing – Israel and the Middle East always seem to be in it! This article explains why Israel is the focus of the world.

Law of Moses:

ahead of its time

Around the year 1490 B.C., the Israelite leader, Moses, was given the “Law” by God. This Law was advanced in its ideas for such a ancient time. This article investigates how and why it was so advanced..

Physical evidence: Archaeology Archaeology is usually defined as the science of the treatment of the material remains of the human past. In the past 150 years Archaeologists have made some amazing discoveries which verify the Bible record.

Nature and Universe: design not coincidence If we look at the Universe or inside a cell, we see that they turned out the way they did because of a seemingly improbable series of events. But when we scrutinise these events it becomes extremely obvious that they could not have happened by chance…

Jesus Christ: uninventable The argument can be put forward that Jesus must have been a real historical figure and not one that had been created by someone in the first century with a fertile imagination. This article looks at what makes him unique but still an example to us.

Jesus Christ:

proof of resurrection

A few people have set out to refute the idea that Jesus rose from the dead but after studying the evidence, have been forced to accept the fact that he did rise from the dead. So what is the evidence that convinces people that he was resurrected.

The Bible and science agree This article looks at four different areas of science to see if the Bible and those sciences are compatible with each other in what they say about this world we live in. If they are compatible then it is another source that proves the authenticity of the Bible.

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