Hi, my name is brother Peadar, I am from a rural part of County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland.

I was raised as a Catholic, all my relatives are Catholics, I went to a local Catholic national school (from age 4 til 13) and then to an all-boys Catholic secondary school from 13 to 18 years old. I then studied Science at degree level in the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway.

Growing up in Irish society going to mass was very important. My parents made sure that as a family we always went to mass every Sunday and on certain Catholic feast days. I was a very quiet child growing up and always tried to adhere to what God required of me as much as possible. As a Catholic, I believed in the existence of hell which scared me also.


When I went to college in Galway I became embroiled in an ungodly lifestyle. During my college years, I rarely went to mass either as I worked during the weekends in a local supermarket.

I remember being out socialising one night in a pub I frequented and whilst in conversation with some acquaintances mass going became the topic of conversation. I realized the lifestyle I was living was not pleasing to God and I wanted to turn back to God and his ways.

I wondered if there was something significant happening in the world and I examined the subject online, mainly through watching videos on YouTube etc. about the signs of “the end of the world”. At that time there were many major events happening worldwide including wars and conflicts in, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, and Yemen. Climate change, abortion and gay rights agendas were all prevalent at that time also. I believed all these issues and events were signs that “the rapture” of the church was imminent. I watched many theological videos on YouTube and I believed most things that mainstream Christianity preaches, the coming 70th week of Daniel, the coming Antichrist, also I became very interested in what was termed the “Revelation 12 sign” which was expected to be fulfilled on the 23rd September 2017.

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Finding out about the imminent “rapture” was very exciting for me because I suffer from anxiety and depression and the belief that the world could soon end was a relief for me as I felt my pain would soon be over.

One day after watching a video on YouTube a recommendation video showed up in my feed which immediately caught my attention because of it’s description, it read “Napoleon and the vials of Revelation 16”. I watched the video out of curiosity (it was brother Neville Clark who gave the talk), it was the first time I had heard anything of Napoleon having any role in the book of Revelation. Up until that point all interpretations I had known of Revelation were the futurist interpretation as practically all the content on the subject I watched preached the futurist view of Revelation. This Christadelphian video however was more logical than the futurist or preterist views.

After viewing brother Neville’s talk, I wanted to learn more about the Christadelphian’s and their interpretations on other parts of the scriptures, I subscribed to some Christadelphian YouTube channels and continued to view their content online and received a knowledge and understanding of the scriptures that I would not have received if it wasn’t for God directing me to them.

My favourite part of the scriptures is prophecy and I must mention brother Jim Cowie, this video is one that helped me to understand just how close the return of Christ is, because it sets out this current business cycle as being the last one before Christ returns.

Brother Jim gives very good scriptural evidence for this notably that the demise of the Holy Roman Empire will occur in 2060 as Sir Isaac had also understood. Ever since I learned by brother Jim of the relationship between the health of the economy and the return of Christ I became very interested in studying the economy and I keep up to date on economic news

brother Jonathan Bowen, brother Neville Clark, brother Roger Lewis, brother Matt Davies, brother John Martin, brothers Pete and John Owen along with many other brethren who have given informative talks online of particular prophecies which have helped me to gain a greater understanding of the scriptures. I also want to thank brother Paul Myers, and his wife sister Melody and their daughter Abigail who helped get everything organised in relation to my baptism and for their hospitality over the past number of months. All the love and good wishes I have received from the Christadelphian brotherhood upon hearing of my baptism has been amazing and I want to thank the Christadelphian brotherhood for that.








The Christadelphian’s have helped me find inner peace through giving me knowledge and understanding of the scriptures and I want to thank them for that also.

Brother Peadar

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