This page is dedicated to the personal recollections of Christadelphians the world over, Past and present, who have kindly offered to share their accounts of how they came to be baptised.

Although Guatemala was my country of birth, I came to the United States at the age of 21. After experiencing many problems I decide to start looking for a church that could help my life get turned around. I choose a Spanish speaking church in Panorama City in CA, of which I have no recollection of the denomination. I continued to attend but was uncomfortable with the sincerity of their practices.  The pastor at my church asked for my help in giving classes with 10 other women.

As time passed I received a flyer in the mail for a Learn to Read the Bible Seminar and signed up for the classes. At this point I knew nothing about the truth therefore I thought that such classes could help me be more effective with the group of women to which I was assigned. At that time due to my busy schedule and family responsibilities I did not attend the seminar.

While working as a store manager at a public storage facility a customer came in for service. I told him that I was extremely busy and that it would be sometime before I could wait on him. He did not seem distressed and was willing to wait. Being of the world my opinion was that this man must be a looser.

When his turn came and his business was complete he asked me if I was a Christian. I proudly told him that I was indeed a Christian. He looked at my name tag and asked me if I knew that my name was found in the bible “Dina”. I said, yes of course, which was not the truth.

He asked me we could set up a time for him to show me where my name appeared in the bible. I accepted and he called a few days later to meet for lunch.  We met a few times to discuss different bible subjects.

After that I received an invitation in the mail to a Bible Seminar stating that they were holding a seat for me. I had forgotten about the first seminar that I had neglected to attend.  I thought that the man had given his church my name and address.

I felt angry and called him to ask him why he thought he had the right to give out my information. He asked if you could come right over to talk to me about it. He assured me that he had never given out my address and that he had no way of knowing where I lived.

I did not believe him at first.  I showed him the invitation and he admitted that he did know the people that had sent it.

He then said something that shocked me. He said that I had been called. I felt confused and afraid when he said that God had provided two invitations for me to learn about truth in the bible and that I might not like what the third invitation would say.

I then agreed to attend the seminar and see what these things were all about and was baptized two years later.

I was never pressured to stop attending the other church but decided on my own when sharing with my former pastor the new things I thought would help in my service in his church. He then told me that I was not welcome to be a part of his group any longer.

I am so blessed and grateful that I ended up in the Christadelphian family. Not only did God use that man which later became my husband but my 19 year old first born son, Michael Hutchinson, for the grace of God got baptized this year.

My name is Sister Dina Hutchinson. I attend the Reseda Ecclesia in California. I am sharing my baptismal story while attending the Bozeman, Montana Bible School, June 29, 2016.

Reproduced her with kind permission of Sis Peggy Livermore and Sis Dina Hutchinson

If you wish to contribute to this effort you must be a Baptised Christadelphian and your recollections need to be in a digital format and you can submit them by email or by private message on facebook. They can be in various formats including Plain text, Word doc (either formatted or not), note pad or audio or video file etc.
Please include your name and ecclesia and other personal details but these will only be published with your express permission, so if you wish to remain anonymous to the reader – you can!
Please send them to [email protected].
– let us share these wonderful accounts as a witness to how God works in the lives of those who dedicate themselves to him.

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