Over the next few weeks, we will be serialising a paper by Bro B.Burt (Cov West) for those who did not see it when it was first published.

We will reproduce this in short ‘snippets’ to make it easier to digest and comment upon should you wish to do so.


It has already been suggested that Adam was a prophet, the first of a sequence of prophets who appear throughout the book of Genesis.  Jesus in Lk.11v51 informs us that Abel was a prophet – although not one word spoken by him is recorded in Scripture!  Jude v.14 tells us that Enoch was a prophet & v.14-15 detail his prophecy.

Lamech (Gen.5v29) named his son prophetically and Noah spoke prophetically of the future for his sons in Gen.9v25-27.  God, in Gen.20v7, told Abimelech that Abraham was a prophet; Ps.105v15 adds Sarah to the list – a prophecy of hers being recorded in Gen.21v10 – and confirmed to be an oracle in Gal.4v30.


Isaac prophetically blessed Esau & Jacob in Gen.27 & 28 and Jacob did so to his sons in Gen.49.  The book of Genesis closes with the prophecy of Joseph in ch.50v24-25.  So, throughout the time span of the book of Genesis there was always at least one prophet alive on the earth, God did not leave himself without witness in those early days[1].

[1] See “For the Study & Defence of the Holy Scripture” by Bro Edward Whittaker: p.22-23 for further details on this point.

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