2019 Melbourne Prophecy Day Studies – 3 Videos

This year’s Melbourne Prophecy day videos were sponsored by the Blackburn, Bornonia, Heathmont and Mt Waverly ecclesias (AU).

1: Current events fulfilling Bible Prophecy. Brother Jim Cowie

Detailed analysis of current events in light of Bible Prophecy – demonstrating how God uses the Kingdom of Men to accomplish His will for the earth and mankind upon it. Dealing mainly with Russia’s participation in the end-time scenario, scriptures such as Ezekiel 38, are scrutinised to understand the role she will play leading up to Armageddon.

2: The History of Prophecy – Bro Neville Clark

An outstanding class examining just how Bible prophecy has been viewed by Bible scholars through the ages since the ascension of Christ. The Preterist, Continual Historic and the Futurist views of scripture are all examined to see which view is most credible.

Quotes are used from prominent biblical scholars from bygone centuries to demonstrate from their understanding of scripture the outworking of God’s plan and purpose with the nations, some having made predictions 100’s of years in their futures and with amazing accuracy of events unfolding on the Biblical timeline and some within just a couple of years – a fascinating study worthy of any Bible Class.

The Answer to which view is the most credible? – you must watch the video!!

3: The Mountains of Israel – Bro James McCann

This video examines the importance of Bible prophecy. God has not left his servants without signs and wonders.

The chiefest of these is the existence of the Nation of Israel. A remarkable country that is living proof there is a God in heaven and He has a plan and purpose with the Earth and Mankind He placed upon it.

This video shows how the Bible prophecied Israel’s

1: Origin and destiny

2: Destruction

3: Dispertion

4: Persecution

5: Regathering Ultimately Israel is a sign for the LAST DAYS

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