7 Myths about sin

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Sin is defined by missing the mark.’ God has set a certain standard.’ These myths include: Sin is trivial, some sins are worse than others, sin cuts us off from God’s grace, emphasising God’s grace encourages sin, we can cheat sin by avoiding external temptation, the sin of unbelief is okay and sin can be forgiven outside a relationship with Jesus. A belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is essential for personal salvation.


The speaker addresses common misconceptions about sin, highlighting its seriousness and consequences according to biblical teachings. He explains that sin is falling short of God’s standards and explores various myths such as trivialising sin, relying on grace to excuse wrongdoing, and trying to avoid sin through external means. He emphasises the importance of faith and belief in relation to sin and God’s grace.


  • 💬 Sin is falling short of God’s standards as outlined in the Bible.
  • 💡 The speaker debunks myths surrounding sin, including the misconception that it is trivial.
  • 📜 Biblical references are used to illustrate the seriousness of sin and its consequences, such as death.
  • 🙏 God’s grace is depicted as a means of forgiveness and reconciliation despite human sinfulness.
  • 🛑 External avoidance of temptation is insufficient in addressing the inherent inclination towards sin within humans.
  • ✝️ Faith and belief are portrayed as essential components in pleasing God and avoiding the consequences of sin.


  • Sin
  • Biblical teachings
  • Faith
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