A Beginner’s Guide to Bible Prophecy.

Naughty figs? Four-faced men? Cities coming out of heaven? If you’ve ever felt confused by Bible prophecy, you’re certainly not alone. We’ve been there, too. But in this video, you’ll learn what Bible prophecy is, why it’s so important, and some simple tools to help you understand the most difficult of Bible prophecies.


A beginner’s guide to understanding Bible prophecy explains its importance, types, and interpretation. Prophecies are messages from God, often about the future, delivered through human prophets. They include fulfilled, partially fulfilled, and unfulfilled (end times) prophecies. Understanding them requires interpreting symbolism and fitting them into the framework of other biblical prophecies. Predicting exact details or setting dates is discouraged, and honesty in interpretation is crucial.


  • 📜 Bible prophecy encompasses messages from God delivered through human prophets, often concerning the future.
  • 🕰️ Prophecies can be fulfilled, partially fulfilled, or unfulfilled (end times), with a focus on God’s involvement in the rise and fall of nations leading to Jesus Christ’s return.
  • 🧩 Understanding prophecy involves interpreting symbolism and fitting prophecies into the framework of other biblical prophecies.
  • ❌ Predicting exact details or setting dates for future events is discouraged.
  • 💡 Honesty in interpretation is important; it’s better to admit uncertainty than invent interpretations.


  • Bible prophecy, interpretation, end times
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This is well done and well presented. Thanks so much.

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