A Promise for the New Year.


The speaker reflects on making resolutions for the new year, drawing a comparison with a personal vow not to eat pickled walnuts. They then discuss the importance of God’s promises, particularly focusing on the story of Noah’s ark and the covenant with humanity. Three key promises are highlighted: Jesus’s return, judgment, and the establishment of a perfect world. The passage from 2 Peter emphasises the certainty of these promises and the need for patience and repentance.


  • 🌈 God’s promise to never flood the Earth again after Noah’s ark serves as a reminder of His faithfulness throughout history.
  • ⏳ Jesus’s return is promised, indicating a tangible hope for the future and a reminder of the significance of biblical prophecies.
  • 👑 The establishment of a perfect world, free from sorrow and death, is assured, reinforcing the ultimate hope for believers.


  • Religion
  • Prophecy
  • Hope
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