A Serpent that Represented Christ


The talk explores the symbolism of a serpent representing Christ, delving into biblical passages like John 3 and Numbers 21. It contrasts the deceptive serpent in Genesis with the serpent lifted by Moses, reflecting Jesus’ sacrifice. This portrayal highlights Jesus’ humanity and his victory over sin despite being tempted. The fiery serpents sent as punishment represent the consequences of sinful speech, contrasting with the serpent on the pole, which symbolizes Christ’s redemptive sacrifice and obedience to God’s will.


  • 🐍 The talk examines the symbolism of a serpent representing Christ, drawing from biblical passages.
  • πŸ“– Contrasts the deceptive serpent in Genesis with the serpent lifted by Moses in Numbers 21, reflecting Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • ✝️ Highlights Jesus’ humanity and his victory over sin despite being tempted, emphasising his obedience to God’s will.
  • πŸ”₯ Discusses the consequences of sinful speech through the punishment of fiery serpents, contrasting with the redemptive symbolism of the serpent on the pole.
  • πŸ™ Emphasises Jesus’ sacrificial obedience, portrayed in his famous words, “Not my will but my father’s will.”
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