Angels: God’s Faithful Servants

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The Angels were made by God. During this Adamic era they are employed by God to serve those who would be heirs to Salvation. Their work in Biblical history is demonstrated down to our present day.


The content explores the biblical perspective on angels, their nature, roles, and interactions with humans. It emphasises that angels serve God as messengers, intervening in human affairs according to God’s will. Angels are depicted as immortal beings, often appearing as men, and they work behind the scenes, influencing events without infringing on human free will. The narrative underscores the angels’ role in world events, individual lives, and the eventual judgment day, where they will accompany believers before Jesus. Overall, it highlights the significance of angels in demonstrating God’s power, guiding believers, and heralding the return of Jesus.


  • [👼] Angels, referred to as messengers, are portrayed as servants of God, tasked with conveying His will.
  • [🌍] Angels influence world affairs and individual lives in alignment with God’s purpose, without overriding human free will.
  • [💫] Despite being immortal beings, angels often appear in human form and work unseen, guiding and protecting believers.
  • [🙏] Angels play a role in the eventual judgment day, accompanying believers before Jesus for assessment.
  • [📖] The narrative encourages a deeper understanding of angels through studying biblical accounts, reflecting on their significance, and preparing for Jesus’ return.


  • Angels
  • Biblical interpretation
  • Spiritual guidance
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