Are we heading for the End of the World in 26:40 seconds?

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Men’s hearts are failing them with fear as they see what is happening to this world. Yet there is hope, but not in man, but in the GOD of the Bible and its message. GOD will never let this earth be destroyed. There have always been scoffers, who ignore its message, but for those who take the time to read and understand it, they need not fear for GOD has it all under control.


Annie Jacobson’s book explores the frightening prospect of nuclear war leading to the end of the world. The scenario involves a chain reaction triggered by a nuclear missile aimed at the United States. Such a conflict, with retaliation from various nations, could result in a nuclear winter, wiping out all life on Earth. However, biblical perspectives reassure that the Earth has a lasting purpose, and its ultimate fate lies in God’s hands, with the promise of a new era under His kingdom.


  • [📖] Annie Jacobson’s book discusses the possibility of nuclear war leading to global destruction, a scenario comparable to an asteroid strike.
  • [⏰] The escalation from a nuclear missile launch to a worldwide catastrophe could occur in as little as 26 minutes and 40 seconds.
  • [🌎] Retaliatory strikes between nations, particularly involving the United States, Russia, and potential rogue actors like North Korea, could trigger a devastating nuclear winter.
  • [💬] Despite the grim outlook, biblical perspectives offer reassurance that the Earth has a lasting purpose, not destined for abrupt destruction.
  • [🔥] God’s intervention, as prophesied in scriptures, promises a new era under His kingdom, replacing the current human rulership.


  • Nuclear war
  • End of the world
  • Biblical prophecy
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