As they Annex Ukraine……What does the Bible says about Russia!

A Christadelphian Video: Description: Russia as the potential King of the North, is currently building friendships with many nations in preparation for what is ahead. The final fulfilment of the conflict that has existed since the enmity of Gen 3 is based on Ezekiel 38. The nations mentioned here had their beginnings in Gen 10, as sons of Noah.

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Vladimir Putin is not qualified to be “Gog”. He is not a prince of royal blood. He is not a “king” of the north.
Even if Putin does “annex” Ukraine, that does not mean that Russia is about to move further south, towards Israel, in the immediate future. The image of Nebuchadnezzar’s nightmare has 10 toes that are “kings”. Dan 2:44.
Similarly, the horns of the 4th beast in Daniel’s nightmare are also “kings”. Daniel 7.
Therewill be 10 latter day kings, from the eastern and western remnants of the Roman empire, which will come with Gog in the battle of Armageddon.
Watch for the alliance of 10 Eurasian kings with Russia.

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