Be Ye Doers Of The Word – 5 Videos

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1. When, in this mortal life, we are tested by trials and temptations, we should not rely on ourselves. We should ask God for wisdom and deliverance from evil.

2. Our faith and conduct must be based on God’s Word, but do we really reflect on what we hear? We are to read, meditate and act upon the Word.

3. Jesus Christ is the only Head and we, who are brothers and sisters in the Body, are to serve God and help each other. God regards not persons; and we are not to favour some and ignore others.

4. James writes that control of one’s tongue is paramount. Our words have enduring consequences, for good or ill, and we must be careful about what we say.

5. God needs to occupy the central place in our lives to enable us to overcome the selfishness of human nature. We are to acknowledge that whatever we intend to do is governed by the Lord’s will.

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