Christ’s coming will bring unprecedented change to the world.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: When Christ returns to the earth to rule, there are major changes in the world. A recent address by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organisation gives a snapshot of the dire situation in today’s world. The righteous rule of Christ will bring many blessings as the Bible outlines. The talk begins by giving a “snapshot” of the dire state of the world today, quoting from a current address by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organisation. We need to prepare for Christ’s return and check the Bible’s message for ourselves, so as to be ready for Christ’s return and so be part of the “new world”.


The speaker discusses the concept of Christ’s second coming bringing unprecedented positive change to the world, contrasting it with current global challenges highlighted by the Secretary General of the United Nations. They describe how Jesus’ return will establish a just and peaceful kingdom, focusing on uplifting the poor and creating a society of lasting stability and contentment.


  • 🌍 Christ’s second coming is anticipated to bring unprecedented positive change to the world, in contrast to current global challenges.
  • 📉 The Secretary General of the United Nations outlines the bleak state of the world, marked by geopolitical tensions, climate crisis, technological disruption, and growing inequalities.
  • ⚖️ Jesus’ return is expected to establish a kingdom characterised by righteousness, justice, and peace, prioritising the well-being of the poor and oppressed.
  • 🏠 In this kingdom, there will be no homelessness or societal injustices, with people enjoying stability, contentment, and the fruits of their labour.


Christianity, eschatology, global challenges

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