Consequences of the Resurrection – 6 Videos (The Gospel Online)

The consequences of the resurrection! Everything you need to know!

A new series of short presentations entitled ..

The consequences of the resurrection

The presenters, examine the recorded accounts, to attempt to build up a complete picture of the timeline and significance of the resurrection event will give the evidence behind the facts.

Everyone dies. The only ways that we can know what happens afterwards are (1) if someone returns from the dead or (2) God tells us. We have both of these. Jesus rose from the dead, so we can rely on his words to tell us what happens. Jesus also endorsed the Bible (especially the Old Testament) as the word of God, so we can believe what this says about life after death. The interesting thing is that neither Jesus nor the Bible agree with what most people believe concerning life after death. The Bible doesn’t speak of a soul which carries on after death; instead it speaks of the resurrection of the dead. At the Day of Judgement Jesus will raise the dead, and the faithful will receive eternal life. The resurrection to come is like the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was physically raised to life from the tomb.

The full list of videos in the series is as follows..

#1: Consequences of the Resurrection #1 Life After Death The facts

#2: Consequences of the Resurrection #2 Jesus Christ Son of God not God the Son

#3: Consequences of the Resurrection #3 What happened when Jesus rose to heaven

#4: Consequences of the Resurrection #4 the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – A dramatized inquiry

#5: Consequences of the Resurrection #5 The earliest Christians

#6: Consequences of the Resurrection #6 The original Gospel of Jesus Christ

Join us as we embark on this new series of internet-based information videos designed to answer the questions.

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