Discover the Bible and read it effectively – 6 Sessions ( New for 2024)

Introduction & Background of the Bible The Bible Interprets Itself Why the Bible is difficult to Read Workshop: Bible Echoes – The Promises to Abraham Six concise and informative sessions are delivered in a friendly, comfortable environment. Whether you are familiar with the Bible or are new to reading it, you will walk away with loads of information and new energy to begin reading the Bible more effectively. This seminar will include some interactive workshops that will allow us to put into practice the Bible reading techniques we are learning together. This exciting 6 week Bible seminar is absolutely free. No strings attached. We know that your time is valuable. So we promise to make your time with us productive and enjoyable. Our goal is to teach you to read the Bible more effectively. You are certainly capable of reading and understanding this great book, but if you are like most people you are occasionally frustrated, confused, bored, or overwhelmed by the task. The aims of the course are to help you: 1. become more familiar with the Bible; 2. be able to read and understand the Bible independently; 3. evaluate the claims for the Bible’s inspiration. Why are we giving this course? We are hoping God is pleased that we are attempting to build respect and familiarity with his Word. We are fulfilling our responsibility to share what we have learned with others. We are committed to helping you discover the Bible message for yourself.


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