“Evidence Of A Designer”

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Each animal is enabled to do what it does because of its unique design. For its safety, the cheetah makes a chirp like a bird. The bottle-nosed dolphin relies on living in pods and communicates with its mates. The albatross can fly great distances because of its wing structure and man has the ability to design and build. God, the Great Designer God of the Bible has a purpose, a plan to fill this earth with His glory.


The speaker passionately discusses evidence of a designer in nature, citing examples like cheetahs, dolphins, and albatrosses. They argue for the existence of a creator, drawing from observations of the natural world and biblical references. The talk emphasises the intricacies of design seen in various creatures and suggests relevance to listeners’ lives.


  • 🌍 The speaker explores evidence of a designer in nature, highlighting the diversity and complexity of ecosystems.
  • 🐆 Using the cheetah as an example, they illustrate how its design suits its environment, particularly its speed and physical features.
  • 🐬 Dolphins are discussed for their social dynamics, communication methods, and remarkable speed achieved through hydrodynamics.
  • 🦢 Albatrosses are noted for their effortless flight and unique characteristics, such as lifelong partnerships and weather-sensing abilities.
  • 👤 The talk concludes with reflections on human complexity and purpose, drawing connections to biblical narratives and the idea of filling the Earth with the knowledge of a divine creator.


Design, Nature, Creation

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