God Is Calling… Are you Listening?

Description: We need to listen to the message of God, found in the Bible. God is seen in creation, all around us. The gospel that Paul speaks of in Romans 1.16, is a plan for salvation. God provides for those who want to be a people for His name. We are invited to look deeper into this message. God is calling you to believe God’s principles and His ways.


God is calling out to humanity, but many are not listening. The speaker draws parallels between God’s call and how people respond to phone calls. The message stresses the importance of acknowledging God and living according to his principles, citing examples from nature such as the Fibonacci sequence, woodpecker’s design, and Earth’s perfect conditions for life.


  • 📱 God’s call is compared to answering phone calls, highlighting the importance of responsiveness.
  • 🌍 Nature demonstrates God’s existence and wisdom, such as the Fibonacci sequence found in flowers and the design of the woodpecker’s skull.
  • ⚙️ The woodpecker’s design showcases irreducible complexity, suggesting deliberate creation rather than chance evolution.
  • 📜 The message urges listeners to acknowledge God’s existence, emphasising that his attributes are evident in creation.


Nature, Creation, God’s Call

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