God’s Promises to David – Why they affect you!

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The thread running through the Old and New Testament is the ‘Good news’ of a kingdom to be established upon the Earth, with Jesus Christ, son of God and son of David ruling in righteousness. We all have the freedom to choose to be associated with him and receive everlasting life, or reject the offer, and be without hope.


The sermon discusses God’s promises to David as outlined in 1 Chronicles 17, emphasising their significance in understanding the gospel message. It explores David’s desire to build a temple for God, God’s promise to establish David’s lineage forever, and how these promises find fulfilment in Jesus Christ. The narrative unfolds to reveal Jesus as both the Son of God and the Son of David, who builds a spiritual house (the Ecclesia) and will establish an everlasting kingdom on earth upon his return. The importance of repentance and preparation for Christ’s second coming is underscored.


  • 🏰 David’s desire to build a temple for God prompts God’s promise to establish his lineage forever.
  • 📖 The promises made to David find fulfilment in Jesus Christ, who is both the Son of God and the Son of David.
  • 🔨 Jesus, as a carpenter, builds a spiritual house (the Ecclesia) rather than a physical temple.
  • 👑 The narrative anticipates Christ’s return to establish an everlasting kingdom on earth, fulfilling the prophecy.
  • 🙏 Repentance and readiness for Christ’s second coming are emphasised as crucial responses to God’s promises.


  • God’s promises, Davidic covenant, gospel message, Jesus Christ, spiritual house, everlasting kingdom, repentance, second coming.
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