How Did Abraham See Jesus’ Day?

The discussion delves into how Abraham foresaw Jesus’ day, focusing on a passage in John 8:56. It examines the context of Jesus’ dialogue with the Jews and connects it to Abraham’s faith, particularly referencing Genesis 22 where Abraham is asked to sacrifice Isaac. The narrative highlights Abraham’s faith in God’s provision and parallels it with Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, emphasizing the spiritual significance of Abraham’s actions.


The video discusses how Abraham foresaw Jesus’ day, focusing on a verse from John chapter 8. It analyses the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22, drawing parallels to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. The narrative highlights Abraham’s faith and God’s provision, illustrating the spiritual significance behind Abraham’s actions.


  • 📖 The video examines Jesus’ statement in John 8:56 about Abraham rejoicing to see his day, connecting it to Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22.
  • 🙏 Abraham’s obedience to sacrifice Isaac demonstrates his faith in God’s provision, mirroring Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
  • 🔥 Parallels are drawn between Isaac carrying the wood for his sacrifice and Jesus bearing his cross, reflecting their roles in their respective sacrifices.
  • ⛰️ Abraham’s journey to Mount Moriah, where he was instructed to sacrifice Isaac, symbolises Jesus’ eventual sacrifice in Jerusalem.
  • 🐏 God’s provision of a ram for sacrifice instead of Isaac parallels Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice provided by God.
  • ✝️ The narrative emphasises Abraham’s faith in the resurrection, mirrored in his belief that God would provide the sacrifice, and connects this to Jesus’ resurrection.
  • 🌟 The video concludes by highlighting Abraham as a model of faith and how believers become “sons and daughters of Abraham” through faith in Jesus, not merely through lineage.


Religion, Bible study, Christian theology

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