Explained – How God Deals with Sin! What is the Atonement?


The content explores how God deals with sin, acknowledging that sin is inherent to human nature and affects the world negatively. It discusses the concept of atonement, highlighting that it’s not about substitution but about overcoming sinful tendencies. Jesus’ sacrifice is presented as a demonstration of obedience and a model for humans to follow in putting sin to death daily. The ultimate promise is forgiveness of sins and a transformation of human nature to eliminate the struggle with sin entirely.


  • [🌍] The world is marred by sin and evil, affecting individuals and societies.
  • [⚖️] God seeks to deal with sin while upholding his righteousness.
  • [💔] Traditional understanding of atonement as substitution may not align with God’s righteousness.
  • [✝️] Jesus’ sacrifice demonstrates overcoming sinful tendencies rather than substitution.
  • [🙏] God offers forgiveness of sins and eternal life through faith in Jesus.
  • [👣] Humans are encouraged to follow Jesus’ example in putting sin to death daily.
  • [🌟] The ultimate promise is a future transformation where humans no longer struggle with sin.


video content, Christianity, sin management

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