How the Holy Spirit is working today

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The words “holy” and “spirit” are explained from the Hebrew and the Greek. The early Christians had it and it was a necessary aid for the writing of the New Testament. Though not personally possessed today, the work of the Holy Spirit continues as God works among people and nations to bring about His ultimate purpose.


The video script discusses the complexity of the word “spirit” in the English language and how it is used in various contexts. It explores the meaning of “spirit” in the Bible, particularly in relation to the Holy Spirit and its role in creation, character, the Bible, miracles, and the early Christian church.

0:00-1:09 🤔 The word “spirit” in the English language has multiple meanings, such as relating to mood, character, supernatural entities, and spirituality.
1:10-2:58 ⚡️ In the Bible, the word “spirit” is linked to the concepts of wind, breath, and power. It is God’s power that sustains all creation and is freely available to all living beings.
3:00-6:00 📖 The Holy Spirit played various roles, including inspiring the writing of the Bible, facilitating the birth of Jesus, performing miracles, and providing spiritual gifts to the early Christian church.
6:01-7:50 🙏 Speaking in tongues and other specific gifts of the Holy Spirit were temporary and served to establish the early churches. The availability of these gifts today is debatable.
7:51-8:45 ⚡️ The Holy Spirit is God’s power, and how it works today is determined by God’s will to fulfill his purpose on Earth, including the return of Jesus.
Key Insights
🤔 The word “spirit” has various meanings in the English language, but in the Bible, it primarily refers to God’s power and energy.
⚡️ The Holy Spirit is a set-apart aspect of God’s power, used for specific purposes like creation, the birth of Jesus, miracles, and the early Christian church.
📖 The Holy Spirit played a significant role in inspiring the writing of the Bible, ensuring its divine origin and authority.
🙏 The specific gifts of the Holy Spirit, including speaking in tongues, served a temporary purpose in establishing the early Christian church.
⚡️ The availability of these specific gifts today is a matter of debate, but the Holy Spirit continues to work according to God’s will and purposes.
🤔 We cannot control how God chooses to use his power, but we can faithfully pray and trust in his guidance and blessings.
⚡️ The Holy Spirit’s ultimate purpose is to fulfill God’s plan for the world, including the imminent return of Jesus.

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