Is a Better World Possible?

New series of pamphlets dealing with some of the most basic questions often asked by those seeking the Truth about God.

This article deals with the key promise of God, that the whole Earth will be filled with the Glory of God. A promise that in today’s world seem very far away –

A better world? Isn’t this what motivates many people?

Reforms of all kind continue to be tried. Many have sacrificed time, money, and even their lives in the pursuit of a better world, a world without poverty, without injustice and evil; a place where children can grow without fear of the devastations from war, of abuse and neglect, of poverty and malnutrition.

And yet, our world continues to be filled with all these things, seemingly impervious to the advances of science and government and other human interventions. Is this truly all we have to look forward to? Unfulfilled promises of grand change?

This is not the world God intended when He created this earth and filled it with life. Nor is it His intention for us to forever remain locked in this world we know. You are invited to listen to what the prophets of the Living God say as they describe a very different world, the better world for which we all yearn.

Will it really happen? Or is it just another utopian dream of misguided people? This will be for the reader to judge. But remember this one thing: what you will be reading rests on a fact of history, the existence and then resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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