Jerusalem: city of conflict, hope and ultimate peace

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Jerusalem is currently a city of conflict, yet the Bible promises it will be a place of peace, prosperity, and justice. This talk covers the history of Jerusalem, the conflict it is currently afflicted by, but most of all focuses on how Jerusalem is really a city of hope – a hope that we can be part of.


The video explores the historical and biblical significance of Jerusalem, discussing its role in conflict and hope, as well as its prophesied importance in the establishment of worldwide peace. It delves into the reasons behind the current conflicts in Jerusalem, examining biblical prophecies and historical events such as the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. The narrative highlights the restoration of the Jewish nation, its re-establishment in Israel, and the prophesied return of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, it portrays Jerusalem as a city of ultimate peace and hope, central to the fulfilment of biblical prophecy.


  • 🇮🇱 Jerusalem, amidst conflict, holds significance in biblical prophecy for the establishment of worldwide peace.
  • 📜 The video examines biblical prophecies, such as those of Zechariah, regarding Jerusalem’s role in history and the future.
  • 🏰 Historical events like the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and the restoration of the Jewish nation are discussed in the context of biblical prophecy.
  • 💬 Prophecies foresee the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of his rule from Jerusalem, bringing ultimate peace to the world.
  • 🌍 Jerusalem’s importance is highlighted by the emotions, political tensions, and worldwide interest it evokes due to its significance in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


Jerusalem, conflict, hope, biblical prophecy, peace, restoration, Jesus Christ, historical events, worldwide significance, religion

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