LOCKDOWN Bible School 2020: Thursday 28th May

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Thursday 28th

7:30 – Daily Readings – Simon Smith

11:30 – Mike Jenner (14 plus): Genesis – Jacob – (NO video for this event)

14:00 – Kitson Reid (9-14s): Living in lockdown

15:30 – Kitson Reid: 10 mins for under 9’s on same subject as above – followed by activity at home **(NO video for this event)

17:00 – Speaker & president: Don Pearce, Rugby: The Age of the Earth – Evidence for a Young Earth

The Age of the Earth. Evidence for a young earth.


The age of the earth is a fundamental question. It affects our viewpoint.

If we believe in evolution then the very complexity of life forces us to seek long ages. In fact, life is so complex that the existing evolutionary time scale is too short to conceive of small random changes producing the astounding intricacy of life.

If we believe in a God who created the “heavens and the earth” and everything in it as detailed in Genesis ch. 1 then we don’t need long ages. He spoke, it happened.

So, is the earth incredibly old, or is it young?

In this video we consider the evidence for the earth being young as well as the flaws in current dating processes.

At the end of the class bro Don held up some information that was only partially visible. Here is the information provided on a slide.

20:00 -Bernard Burt, Coventry West: Abraham’s Bible


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