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Video Description: *MUST SEE** -‘FROG LIKE SPIRITS’ Gathering the Nations to Armageddon

This is an insightful and revealing study into the ‘Frog-like spirits’ mentioned in scripture. The speaker goes to great lengths to demonstrate from his research that it is this spirit that is the driving force behind political and religious systems that will ultimately lead the nations to Armageddon.
Historical and recent news items are featured heavily in this remarkable video. Probably the most comprehensive and up to date material we have on this subject – Enjoy!!

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Frog like spirits gathering the nations.


Lecture for the Last day.


And what a privilege is ours to know where we stand in the book of Revelation, And we stand in this particular section of Scripture that we’ve just read so will you open your Bibles if you haven’t already done so to Revelation chapter 16 where we start the sixth angel pouring out his vial on the great river Euphrates.


Here it is:


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And we understand that what happens following this vial being poured out is that the Euphrates is dried up and Christadelphians and many Bible students for centuries have known what this vial means, because the great river Euphrates was a symbol for the Ottoman Empire. Why is it a symbol for the Ottoman Empire?


The Euphrates when you track back when  it is drying up. As the river goes back, it is drying up. It  begins in Turkey so we need to be very clear this is not a Christadelphian idea. This has been around since well at least the 1600s where Bible students have understood that the great river Euphrates has meant the Turkish Empire.


And in the 1800’s and 1900s the Ottoman Empire dried up you know it was still drying up, but now it is completely dried right up.


And so brother and sisters young people we know this chapter 16 and verse 12 has happenened. Chapter 16, and verse 16 hasn’t happened.  Armageddon has not yet taken place, which places you and me in history in these three verses. Revelation 16 verses 13 and 14 and actually verse 15 is a support tip for us living in these days.


So the history in chapter 16 verses 13 and 14 where we read I saw three unclean spirits like frogs, come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the Beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.


They are the spirits of devils and they’ve got a job to do and their job is to Gather together the nations of the world, the kings of the earth and of the whole world to the great day of God Almighty the Battle of Armageddon.


So the Frog like spirits have a very specific role to do.


Now has anyone ever been here…… I’ll be impressed if you had this brother has well it where is it?


It it is in France. It’s okay, It is  not quite Paris,  right, but it’s not a million miles away from Paris as far as we’re concerned probably in Canadian terms you would simply say Paris right?


Because it’s three hours away, it is in Rheim right it’s in Rheim  which is in northern France and there’s a Cathedral there in Rheim,  we visited this last summer. And next to this Cathedral is this palace it’s called the Palais du toe?  now, my French is appalling and I suspect I’ve said that wrong and some of you are thinking, that is not how you say it. But it is something like that and in this palace, next to this very famous old French Cathedral there is a tapestry and on that tapestry is depicted an  ancient French battle and on their banners you can just about I hope make out, three frogs.


And I’m seeing some faces like this right and so I can promise you can have the slides afterwards, but on those banners are three frogs. Now I just put to you that thought we shall come back to it shortly.


Boys and girls where do you come across frogs in the Bible?


Where do we come across frogs? What did you say? You say Egypt you’re so clever come on then let’s go to Exodus come on Exodus chapter 8.


Exodus chapter 8 where we know, don’t we, the story and you just told us the story of the ten plagues and one of those plagues was the plague of the frogs. Where do the frogs go they went everywhere right?


Exod 8 verse 3,  the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly which shall go up and come into thine house into your bedchamber on your bed in the house of your servants upon your people in your ovens in your kneading troughs the frogs shall come up both on you and on your people upon all yours. They’re going everywhere and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor the frogs are gong to infiltrate your life and of course in the end the frogs are dealt with because Pharaoh says he will let the people go the frogs are dealt with and so we read verse 11 Moses says.


The frogs shall depart from you from your houses from your servants from your people they shall remain in the river only and Moses and Aaron went out from Pharaoh and Moses cried to the Lord because of the Franck’s which he brought against Pharaoh and the Lord did according to the word of Moses and the frogs died out of the houses, And out of the villages and out of the fields and note this phrase they gathered them together upon heaps and the land stank.


And we’ll come back to it. They gathered them together. That should you remind you of a verse that we just read in Revelation 16. They gathered them together and when they gather together they’re gathered together upon heaps.


And the land stank we’ll come back to it. Now brother Thomas rightly said in writing Elpis Israel 170 years ago from this evidence that,  I’m about to deduce I think I’ll be able to convince the reader that the frogs are the symbol of the French democracy.


Why did he think it? Well he looked carefully at what other Bible students also thought and looked at the history of the French starting with the Maravene Merovingian King Clovis the 1st  and the banners that they had back in the 400s in that years of Clovis who is known historically to be the first King of France, the heroic symbol of the Frankish Merovingian dynasty of Kings was three frogs.  Clovis United the Frankish tribes under one ruler. This was the first royal house to rule the whole of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.


Charles de Gaulle said the history of France starts with Clovis. What was his banner? 3  frogs. Clovis was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler. He became known as the first king of France. Now he’s also significant for one other major fact, because in that Cathedral in Rheim  he was baptized not into the faith, that we would consider baptism rather he was converted to Catholicism.


His significant conversion to Catholicis was in 496 so he was just a member of a Germanic tribe. But this man who became the leader and became the king became converted to Catholicism, as opposed to the Arianism of most other Germanic tribes.


Now that’s of interest to us because what then happened is that following Clovis centuries later came Charlemagne and the birth of the early Holy Roman Empire.


So we see the Roman Empire still very much a part of what France is about. We just note that he’s converted from Arianism. Do we know what Arianism is. Okay I can hear people muttering, Arianism is often considered to be a form of Unitarian theology in that it stresses God’s unity at the expense of the notion of the Trinity.


So this man Clovis who uses the Frog like spirits as his banner, he has converted to Catholicism and the Trinity. So you can see in this particular place in Rheim banners advertising the commemoration of his baptism and on the armour and here we can see clearly three frog-like spirits.


Now many years later we understand that one of the earthquakes in Revelation is the earthquake of the French Revolution and from that came this great change.


Brother Thomas said If I can convince you that the three frog-like spirits are the symbol of the French democracy.


Well, there was no democracy before the French Revolution and the French Revolution changed everything didn’t it it?


It changed the course of world events which is why it’s an earthquake in Revelation because no longer did you have the aristocratic fat cats in France now the peasants and the poor common man could become the ruler.


We see it epitomize don’t we just south of this border right that is the epitome of the feet of clay. Because clay is about common men and common man can be voted into office.


That’s the result of the French Revolution. Now this year has been a major anniversary. What have we be doing lectures about in our halls across the world, lectures about the 70th  anniversary the State of Israel.


Right,  right well it’s also another celebration of a different 70 year anniversary, it’s the 70th anniversary of a document that this man wrote. Does anyone recognise it? He looks rather like a man of about 20 years doesn’t he? This chap is a man called Rene Kasam. have we not heard of him?


So Rene Kasam was a Jew a French Jew living in France. He fought in the First World War unsurprisingly he was an extremely bright man and following the the Second World War he was working as a lawyer and he was tasked with writing a major document he was tasked with writing the UDHR. Now what’s the UDHR about? Human rights.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70.  So countries across the world from December 2017 the December 2018 are entering into all sorts of commemorative acts,  nothing to do with the State of Israel.


But with this document being created the UDHR, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70,  a cause for celebration they say a time to remember Rene Kasan who is known as the father of the Declaration of Human Rights.


How did he go about writing this document? How did he do it?  I’ll tell you what he did Rena Kassan played a decisive role in drawing up the 1948 decoration René Kassan  presented a preliminary draft on the 16th of June 1946 which was adopted as a working basis. Now here’s the dynamite.


It can be seen that his preliminary draft included the entire contents of the 1789 French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the citizen. His document the UDHR took in the whole of the 1789 document which is the frog-like spirits. Do you see do you see the connection?


That’s what this man did and so we have this document today, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which underpins everything that the United Nations does.


The UDHR came out of the conflict of the Second World War/ Rene Kasan was a Jew living in France that was raised up for a purpose, to put this document together which would one day support the fulfilment of Bible prophecy


And he like many others thought they were doing such a good deed.


As many across the world see it today. If you’re on the united nations website they’ll give you a history of human rights law and they’ll tell you so this document that’s on the UN website, if you kept reading it says this,


Traditional categorization of 3 generations of human rights used in both national and international human rights discourse traces the chronological evolution of human rights as an echo to the cry of the frog-like spirits.Well he didn’t quite say that, The cry of the French revolution was liberty equality and fraternity.


So what does the world say and why does this matter to us?

Because the world says this the UN Human Rights Council declares Israel as the world’s number one human rights violator. Now when you think of the despotic regimes across the world when you think of the nightmare countries and and political parties ruling in some countries. It is farcical that this nation, no bigger than Wales, which doesn’t help you but it does help me.,  is the world’s biggest human rights violator.


And what’s the key issue because they gave them the UN gave Israel the land didn’t they so in 1947 they split the land and because of the events of the Second World War for all of the horrific acts that took place it took six million Jewish people being exterminated for prophecy to be fulfilled and for the world to give Israel that homeland and to bring them back there.


The United Nations put together map and it lasted for approximately nineteen years from 48 to 67. And in 67 following the events of the six-day war Israel took huge amounts of the land and said it was theirs.  Bible prophecy says it is this theirs. The world says it is not theirs and so the human rights violations that the world is so furious with Israel for is because of their occupation, as the world would, say of the land for half a century is Amnesty International says Israel’s occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem the Gaza Strip has resulted in systematic human rights violations against Palestinians living there.


So there’s the territory that they say that they’ve lost. We need to understand what we’re talking about when we read the West Bank. I’d like you to turn to Ezekiel come to Ezekiel chapter 36 you see the West Bank is the mountains of Israel, so this territory here on the map. Many of you who have been to Israel would have seen the topography of the land and you can’t help but notice as you leave Jerusalem and you you head east so there’s this plateau of land going down to the south going up to the north as you come in from the Dead Sea you look from Jericho there’s this plateau of land these mountains going north to south.


The West Bank, the mountains of Israel and so when we read Ezekiel 36 which is a prophecy Ezekiel gives against have a look carefully the mountains of Israel we note in our margin the West Bank.


And what does God say he’s going to do at the time of the end. Verse 8 But ye o mountains of Israel you shall shoot forth your branches and yield your fruits my people of Israel for they are at hand to come while they’ve come there in the land behold I’m for you and I will turn unto you and you shall be tilled.


And so what will have we do with the West Bank I will multiply men on you all the house of Israel even all of it the cities shall be inhabited and the wastes shall be builded.  I will multiply on you man and beast they will increase and bring fruit and I will settle you after your old estates.


And so sure enough that is what’s happened following 1967, that prophecy has been fulfilled,Jewish people have multiplied on the mountains of Israel on the West Bank this prophecy has been fulfilled in most of our lifetime. That’s incredible isn’t it and they keep settling his West Bank settlements I just want you to note what brother Thomas said it may be remarked here he writes in Eureka in the 1870s that there will have been a considerable gathering of his rights upon the West Bank before the invasion of the country by gog.


He was right because he read Ezekiel 36 it’s happening it’s on look at this from 1980,  look at the population rise in the West Bank. I will multiply men on you look at this this graph shows you the total settler population the blue line with the exponential growth is the mountains of Israel.


Look at this graphic I will multiply men on you. Men will settle on you brother Thomas says There will be considerable gathering on the mountains of Israel before the invasion of gog,  and the UN are furious and many of you will have seen 18 months ago ,  they voted on ending the Israeli settlements and a votes UN resolution was passed UN resolution 2334 and that resolution was historic because to pass a resolution it has to go through the Security Council. The permanent members of the UN and every single one of them has to either agree or abstain from the votes.. And if they vote against it it can’t pass and for decades America always stood with Israel.


One of the last things that Obama did in office was allow this resolution to go through. He abstained and so resolution 2334 was passed you couldn’t find this on the Internet the United Nations Security Council just type in resolution 2334 and you’ll see that what it says is that it condemns all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition character and status of the Palestinian territory occupied since 67 it reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since sixty seven including East Jerusalem has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation to international law.


What international law what’s it based on the UDHR it reiterate system on that Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory it calls upon all states.


Well we’re expecting aren’t we the frog-like spirits to gather the kings of the earth and of the whole world and so the world is furious with Israel’s occupation Why? Because Human Rights Watch keeps saying and others they’re violating international human rights law what’s it based on let’s get it clear the UDHR what’s it based on three frog-like experience and so you’d think wouldn’t you that following that resolution when the world says you’ve got to stop building that they’re gonna stop building and then God in an instant changes the course of world events.


Because Barack Obama leaves office and Donald Trump comes into office and we look at this man and we understand Daniels prophecy like never before. That it is God who rules in the kingdom of men he gives it to whomsoever he will. Even to the basest of men we live in the days of the clay and so Trump comes into power and only a character like this right he’s going to go against the whole of world opinion and Israel says, Terrific we’ll keep building and of course they’re gonna keep building because Ezekiel chapter 36 tells us they’re gonna keep building do you see there was no choice the Angels have to do it because if someone like Obama had stayed in office they don’t have to stop building and that prophecy would have stopped.


Our God’s an extraordinary God. The angels are continually working with world events and although sometimes we look them we try to understand what’s happening,  we know that God is in control and so they keep building.


What does the UN say, “Stop building.” They call for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  Israel accuses UN of bias as it carries out human rights review, and then they keep being told off more and more and more,  as delegations go back to the UN and tell them., They keep building and there’s nothing they can do.  because it’s written in Ezekiel chapter 36.


Now I want us just to move left field and I want us to focus our minds on Europe. Just for a few minutes, because not only has there been a major political shift in North America, that’s affected the world, so has the been in Europe because for many many for decades the engine house and ruler of Europe has been Germany .


And then a fresh handsome young Frenchman is voted into office. Emmanuel Macron and he comes with an agenda. What’s his agenda? It’s a human rights agenda and so the world says we’ll hold on The Economist runs the spotlight is shifting from Germany to France Merkel should follow Macron’s lead on Europe Emmanuel macron warns European leaders they’ve got one year to reform the bloc macron not Merkel is Europe’s most powerful leader,  Time Magazine, the next leader of Europe.


What are they saying? They’re saying the new Napoleon because the Angels want the Christadelphians to know that something is occurring to do with the French Revolution, to do with the three frog-like spirits. A Napoleon for the 21st century. How France’s president made his mark on the world stage. And the BBC article says,  I think Macron has a chance to appear as the leader of the free world. Why do you think they’re looking for someone else? Because they can’t cope with Trump. Right that’s the fact of the matter.


France alone cannot do everything but if we look at his speech to the UN General Assembly, his speech was completely focused on the frog-like spirits.  Human Rights Emmanuel Macron says, France is back at the core of Europe, and what does he say in his speech?


He wants a more sovereign United and democratic Europe. Well we’re not surprised, because what do we read when we turn the page from Revelation 16 to Revelation 17, That the nations will give their power and their strength to the Beast,   to Europe.


We will never build something sufficiently ambitious at 27. Isn’t that  interesting. Wonder what he’s going for, if he’s got a 10 year strategy, maybe he’s going for 10.  maybe is interested in 10 horns or 10 toes, we don’t know/


If some people are ready to be more ambitious. He says, To go further in terms of integration and ambition of what makes you sovereign as a power in this global environment,  to defend your values and your interests, let’s move says Macron.


And so he goes to visit the Council of Europe and he gives a speech to the European Court. And what’s his speech about? It’s about human rights. He says, France’s commitment to the principles enshrined in this convention goes back a long way. The Declaration of the Rights of Man of the citizen of 1789 is of course the main wellspring of these principle of the principles of human rights. However its roots lie even deeper in the ground of Renaissance humanism, in the legacy of antiquity in the concept of the human being, that France has constructed over the centuries.


The human rights proclaimed during the French Revolution then subsequently reaffirms time again and reinterpreted by the great minds and statesmen of our country are integral part of this core identity which goes back a very long way. It is not insignificant he says that the UDHR was adopted in Paris in 1948.


Imagine the Christadelphians in 1948, if they’d known this that happening in Paris is a document pulling together the frog-like spirits,  nor is the coincidence that a French City Strasbourg is today your home. Rest assured that for us the French, this is of the utmost significance. And so this year Emmanuel macron was awarded an international prize do you know what the prize was it’s given by the people of arkin which is a city in Northwest Germany every year. And they’ve given it since the end of the Second World War and they give it to an individual that they see has promoted European unity.


It is called the Charlemagne price because Charlemagne of course was the Emperor that United France and Germany he’s the founder of Europe as we see it today.  Emmanuel Macron awarded Charlemagne prize for a vision of a new Europe he’s honored for his European vision.


And you know what they say on their website Emmanuel macron has declared a strong belief that modern political life must rediscover rediscover a sense for symbolism what better illustration of this than the unprecedented scene of a newly elected French president crossing the courtyard of the Louvre not to the melody of the Mercier the French national anthem but to the music of the European anthem.


To address his supporters and emphasize France his firm anchoring in the European Union. Just note this this man spent his childhood attending a Jesuit school. He’s got all the credentials in place.


I just thought you’d find this BBC article from two weeks ago that possibly two weeks ago interesting


French beating scandal reveals Macrons feet of clay. Interesting isn’t it?


And so brothers and sisters little children we live in the days when the frog-like spirits have gone out and what God is going to do is gather all nations and we’re told where he’s going to gather them he’s going to gather them to Armageddon we’ve read it from Revelation 16 we know it from Joel chapter 3 and from Zechariah chapter 12 we understand that Jerusalem is going to be at the heart of where the nations are gathered. In that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people all that burn themselves with it shall be cut in pieces though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it the nations will be gathered to Jerusalem.


And so the angels go to work. And Trump has whisperings in his ear You know what you promised in your election manifesto that every American president before you is also present promised but failed to deliver on. We’re gonna need someone as awful as you who is prepared to not care what the rest of the world says and move your embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


I’ll do it,  right and so he says it, doesn’t he in just this year well it is December actually 2017 that the Americans were going to move their embassy to Jerusalem. Why did that need to happen?


It needed to happen to bring the world’s eyes on Jerusalem. They’re fed up with Israel’s human rights record and now it’s centered around the issues of Jerusalem. And so what do they say? Well the UN the European Union and the Pope criticized Trump’s Jerusalem announcement.  Putin is deeply concerned by Trump’s Jerusalem move. What does he? He says that Moscow believes that the status of Jerusalem should be settled through talks between the Palestinians and Israel, in line with the frog-like spirits, in line with the United Nations resolutions.


As if Putin cares at all about UN resolutions right? This guy doesn’t give any care about what the world thinks about what he does. He marches into Crimea and gets guys who’ve walked in in white uniforms to take them off with military attire underneath and say it’s ours.


That doesn’t quite fit with UN resolutions.


Why is he saying it? He can’t help it. Because he, and he represents Russia at this time, is the dragon, and the Frog like spirits we are told, are going to come out of the mouth of the dragon. That’s why he’s calling on the UN resolutions.


Let me just show you this too.


Una Corrado a bell … and we’ve always a regarded Jerusalem as a final status issue that must be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties based on relevant Security Council resolution. The European Union supports the resumption of meaningful peace process towards a two-state solution. We believe that any action that would undermine these efforts must absolutely be avoided.


Our sound isn’t just quite right for which I apologize my fault.  But  I want you to notice who is speaking but whose do did you see there on the screen? You saw Europe speaking you saw the Pope speaking. Are we surprised? Of course we’re not surprised.  because the frog-like spirits have to come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the Beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.


And so do you notice what they say? They are saying, We think that the issue of Jerusalem must go to the UN resolutions, Macron, of course is able to speak on behalf of all of Europe,  France and Europe,  he says, are attached to us two-state solution. You’ve got to go back under the auspices of the United Nations,


The resolutions of the UN Security Council,  Macron tells reporters.  Pope Francis urges world leaders to respect the UN positioning system and check this out,  if that’s not enough,  what does he do this year? He says there’s a great celebration going on because it’s 70 years since….and you think he’s gonna say,  don’t you,  the State of Israel…


He’s not interested in the Jews coming back to the land, he wants the whole world to use the frog like spirits.  Pope Francis , this is from the Catholic Church Times. He urges the use of the UDHR now in its 70th year. He hails this marvelous document the modern understanding of human rights is perfect he says. With the Christian view,  for the holy See to speak of human rights above all is to reinstate the centrality of the human person willed and centered by God in His image and likeness and so he goes on.


Now we just play this video for you, Trump. Our greatest hope is for peace. The United States remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement.


While presidents before him have backed down from their pledge to move the American Embassy once in office,  this president delivered because when President Trump makes a promise he keeps it.


Truth is that Jerusalem has been and will always be the capital of the Jewish people the capital of the Jewish state. May the opening of this Embassy in this city spread the truth far and wide and may the truth advance a lasting peace between Israel and all our neighbors. God bless the United States of America and God bless Jerusalem.


So do you see that because of what’s happened the world is drawn in to Jerusalem,  that we’re seeing coming out to the mouth of the Dragon,  Russia, once again slammed us envoy’s statement on Gaza at UN Russia says, They’re deeply alarmed by Gaza classes the EU out of the mouth of the Beast calls for Israel Hamas to show restraint in Gaza and the false prophet Pope Francis joined by Cardinal Nicholas in condemning Israeli killings in Gaza.


And what are they saying well the BBC news write the articles did Israel use excessive force of the Gaza protests better and sisters this is the last couple of months and that article goes on to say, The great question is what the human rights groups say and what in human rights groups say they say Israel’s God’s response was wholly disproportionate. And so the debate in the United Nations on May the 18th of this year and they wrote to send in a human rights probe into Gaza to the fury of Israel.


UN to launch war crimes investigations who Israeli forces shooting off protesters UN votes to send war crime investigators to Gaza and reports keep coming back to the United Nations, And the reports say We’ve got to do something got to do something. And they blame Israel for what they have done and so surely it’s only a matter of time. We see that Israel blames Iran for Gaza border violence we know that Iran are operating in the region we’re not surprised are we because they’re there in Ezekiel chapter 38.


I’m conscious of time brothers and sisters so I’m going to move us through, but you know don’t you that is as a result of the UN Human Rights councils treatment of Israel,  the United States just this last month at the end of June, They quit the Human Rights Council.


And this is what the the US Secretary of State had to segment a mirror look around the world today demonstrates that the council has failed in its stated objectives it’s membership includes authoritarian governments with unambiguous and important human rights records such as China, Cuba and Venezuela.


There is no fair or competitive election process the countries have colluded with one another to undermine the current method of selecting members. And the council’s continued in well-documented bias against Israel is unconscionable. Since its creation the council has adopted more resolutions condemning Israel against the rest of the world combined. And that is an ncredible statistic isn’t it since the the creation of that Human Rights Council there have been more resolutions adopted against Israel than the rest of the world combined.


That’s an extraordinary statistic and we look at it and we say it’s not fair and it isn’t but it doesn’t matter. The Angels are making it happen because it’s the frog-like spirits that have to gather the nations to Armageddon.


And so you and I look at it and we’re filled with excitement because the nations are going to Armageddon. And what do we see just in the last week or so three Israelis stabbed to death in the West Bank attack. Reports go back to the UN on the 27th of July what are we talking now three or four days ago something like that,  Israeli stabbed to death by Palestinian in West Bank attack so what do they say they’re gonna do.


Israeli Defense Minister calls for West Bank settlement expansion what are we going to do we’re gonna keep building what do we expect to see Ezekiel 36


I will multiply men on you and so brothers and sisters I want to draw our thoughts to a close.


Will you come back to Exodus chapter 8 very quickly Exodus chapter 8, where we saw those frogs being dealt with and I’m sure you picked up the language in verse 14. They gather the frogs together they gathered them together now that you should have in your Margene next to that phrase revelation 16:16, where the nations are gathered together.


So exactly same phrase obviously it’s once Greek once he looks the same phrase he gathered them together to a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. Now of course Armageddon means a heap of sheaves in a valley of threshing so they gathered together the frogs in verse 14 or 13 in heaps. And we also understand that the land stank,  well we’re not going to turn there but put in your margin Ezekiel 39 11 because do you remember following Armageddon Ezekiel 39 says that the bodies that I heaped up are so numerous and so awful as the destruction beam but when a man walks through the land what it says he’s he’s got to hold his nose because of the smell. And do you see this picture here in Exodus I just want to know one other thing from this that Hebrew word heaps in the Hebrew it’s repeated it’s actually heaps heaps in other words there’s so many of them but this Hebrew word is used on 31 occasions this heaps.


And these are the different ways it’s translated the Hebrew word coma and the first time it’s used I think is amazing you see it’s often translated “clay.” Well we’re interested in that the first time it’s used is in Genesis chapter 11 and verse three and the heats the clay is the mortar that holds Babel together is not amazing Babel stands for everything to do with the systems of this world how is it held together what is held together with the frog-like spirits held together with the heaps of the frogs if you like.


And so brother and sisters we’d like to finish and in Revelation chapter 16 you don’t need to turn there the verse is for you on the screen after those verses that we’ve been looking at of the frog-like spirits and before Armageddon is mentioned there’s little verse and that’s actually put in brackets.  but obviously there’s no brackets there. Behold the Lord Jesus says I come as a thief blessed is he that watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame brethren sisters I hope they are dressed tonight.


You can see it is on, we don’t know the day or the hour when the Lord will come we pray not that the Lord will come soon, we pray the Lord will come tonight. Everything is in place the nations are set around Jerusalem they’re ready to go.


Are we ready are we watching are we keeping our God’s when the Lord comes is he going to be pleased to look you and me and say you watched you gave it your very best and because of your faith in these things I’ll make up the rest.


Come into my joy enter into your desired Haven .


Transcription by Fay Berry 2018

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