Q&A: What is going on with Jacob’s strange breeding Program in Genesis 30?


The discussion revolves around Jacob’s breeding programme in Genesis 30, where an agreement is made between Jacob and Laban regarding their wages. Both parties attempt to influence the outcome in their favour. However, Jacob attributes his success not to magic but to God’s intervention, as revealed in Genesis 31.


  • 💬 An agreement is made between Jacob and Laban regarding their wages in Genesis 30.
  • 🤝 Both Jacob and Laban try to influence the outcome of the breeding programme to favour themselves.
  • 🐑 Jacob attributes his success to God’s intervention, as revealed in Genesis 31:11-12.
  • 🌟 God’s role in the outcome is highlighted, indicating it wasn’t due to magic or trickery.
  • 💭 Jacob possibly names his wages based on a dream from God, indicating divine guidance.
  • 📖 The explanation of God’s intervention is found in Genesis 31:11-12, where Jacob sees the speckled and grizzled cattle in a dream.


  • Bible interpretation
  • Jacob’s breeding program
  • Divine intervention
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