Q&A: What Is the knowledge that came from eating the forbidden fruit?

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Through a supernatural awareness generated by eating the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve gained knowledge, like the angels, of good and evil, and in particular, that they were naked.

Summary The speaker delves into Genesis 3:5, discussing whether Elohim should be interpreted as gods or God and the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit. They argue that the knowledge of good and evil is attained supernaturally, not through experience, and highlight the instantaneous change in perception experienced by Adam and Eve.


The discussion delves into Genesis 3:5, exploring whether Elohim should be interpreted as gods or God and the implications of eating the forbidden fruit. It examines the concept of gaining knowledge of good and evil through experience versus a supernatural event, suggesting a miraculous change in perception for Adam and Eve.


  • 🍎 Elohim in Genesis 3:5 is interpreted as both gods and God, indicating a significant shift in understanding.
  • 🐍 The serpent’s statement in Genesis 3:5 about their eyes being opened is supported by subsequent events, suggesting a miraculous change rather than a mere experiential one.
  • 🌳 The discussion questions how the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil could bring about knowledge supernaturally, akin to the miraculous event associated with the tree of life.
  • 🕊️ Adam and Eve’s instantaneous loss of innocence upon eating the forbidden fruit aligns with the prophesied outcome, highlighting a profound shift in perception.


  • Genesis
  • Biblical interpretation
  • Forbidden fruit
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