Q&A Why Does God allow sad situations/environments where some children can be corrupted?

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: GOD created to earth very good, and as a desire for man to enjoy HIS creation, HE also gave man a free will. Sadly men often made bad choices, choosing rather to seek their own pleasure than the ways of GOD, the result is sadness and often wickedness. It is often in times of despair that men seek as better way and turn to GOD, and it is with that change of heart that GOD can work in a person’s life.



The discussion revolves around the question of why God permits sadness and suffering in the world, particularly in the context of children growing up in adverse environments. The speaker delves into biblical perspectives, asserting that God does not derive pleasure from human suffering but allows it to motivate people to seek him. The root cause of suffering is attributed to human disobedience, with God’s ultimate solution being the eradication of sin and the restoration of eternal life through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. The narrative concludes with the promise of a future free from pain and suffering when Christ returns.


  • [💔] God permits sadness and suffering in the world to prompt people to seek Him and turn away from sin.
  • [✝️] Jesus’ crucifixion exemplifies God’s sacrifice to offer forgiveness and eternal life to humanity.
  • [🙏] The ultimate solution to suffering lies in the eradication of sin, promised through Christ’s return.
  • [📖] Human suffering stems from disobedience, as seen in Adam and Eve’s fall from grace.
  • [✨] The future holds hope for a world free from pain and suffering, as promised in Revelation.


  • theology
  • suffering
  • Christian apologetics
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