Q&A Why Does Jesus lift his head and keep his eyes open when he prays why do we do the Opposite?

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The Lord Jesus suited his prayers to the occasion. He prayed differently in public and in private. Both Old and New Testaments describe different styles of prayer for example kneeling, or standing. What Christ continually emphasises it is our attitude that counts not our style.


The content discusses the significance of Jesus lifting his head and keeping his eyes open while praying, contrasting it with our usual practice of closing our eyes and bowing our heads. It delves into the biblical context of Jesus’ prayers in John chapters 11 and 17, highlighting the public nature of these prayers and the purpose behind them. The discussion also touches on the different postures of prayer in the Old and New Testaments, emphasising the importance of the attitude and motivation behind prayer rather than the physical posture.


  • 🙏 Jesus lifts his head and keeps his eyes open while praying in a public manner to demonstrate his faith and relationship with God.
  • 📖 Different postures of prayer are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments, such as lifting hands, kneeling, and bowing, each with its own significance.
  • 💭 The content encourages trying different postures during prayer to enhance the spiritual experience.


  • Jesus
  • Prayer
  • Posture
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