The Antichrist is revealed by the Bible!

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Bible teaching about the Antichrist is based on four passages of scripture only found in the letters of John. The talk explains that the Antichrist had its beginnings in the 1st century and amongst other things developed into the false doctrine of the Trinity. It concerned the nature of the Lord Jesus and whether or not he came ‘in the flesh’, as well as conflicting the relationship between Jesus and his Father. It was an error that first emerged from within the early church, as warned by the Apostle Paul.


The discussion explores the concept of the Antichrist as depicted in Christian eschatology, drawing from biblical passages and historical interpretations. It delves into the origins of the term, its theological implications, and its relation to doctrines like the Trinity. The narrative emphasises the importance of adhering to New Testament teachings to avoid falling into falsehoods.


  • 📜 The Antichrist, as prophesied in the Bible, opposes Jesus Christ and attempts to substitute for him before the second coming.
  • 📖 The term “Antichrist” appears four times in the New Testament, notably in the Epistles of John, denoting those who deny the relationship between the Father and the Son.
  • 🔍 Antichrist is depicted as someone who opposes Christ and attempts to replace him, as per the etymology of the term.
  • 📚 The doctrine of the Trinity, not explicitly stated in the New Testament, was formulated by early Christians and church fathers to rationalise scriptural understanding.
  • 💡 Belief in the truth as revealed in the New Testament is emphasised as crucial, with deviations leading to the acceptance of falsehoods and potential judgment.


  • Christian eschatology
  • Antichrist
  • New Testament teachings
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Comments (2)

We have just watched this video—which the Title says that The Bible Reveals WHO/WHAT the AntiChrist really is.

This video does not plainly explain it to our friends.
Was this Video edited for time and therefore left out some important information ?—-Any Comment ?
Sister Pat Hampson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Ecclesial Secretary

hi Pat, no edits, it is how it was presented in ecclesia, sorry…

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