The Bible hell demystified!

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Bible teaching challenges the popular concept of hell as a place of eternal fire and torment. We learn what the word actually means and how it used in the Bible.


The discussion explores the biblical concept of hell, challenging common perceptions of eternal torment and the devil. It delves into scriptural references to ‘hell’, revealing its meaning as simply the grave or pit. The term ‘devil’ is examined, suggesting it symbolises a false accuser rather than a mythical being. Biblical passages often used to depict a fiery hell or Satan are reinterpreted within their historical and linguistic contexts. Ultimately, the content argues for a more nuanced understanding of these concepts in line with biblical teachings.


  • 🔥 The biblical concept of ‘hell’ is revealed to simply mean the grave or pit, challenging popular notions of eternal torment.
  • 👿 The term ‘devil’ is reinterpreted as a false accuser rather than a mythical being with a pitchfork and fiery appearance.
  • 📖 Scriptural references to hell and Satan are explored within their historical and linguistic contexts, offering a nuanced understanding.
  • ⛪️ Commonly used passages, such as Isaiah 14:12 and Revelation 20:2, are reexamined to reveal symbolic rather than literal meanings.
  • 💡 The discussion encourages a reconsideration of traditional beliefs about hell and the devil in light of biblical teachings.


Biblical interpretation, Hell, Satan

  • Unpacking the Concept of Hell
    • Examining the biblical perspective on hell as a grave or pit.
    • Addressing common misconceptions about hell, such as fiery torment and the devil’s role.
  • Biblical Origins of Hell
    • Exploring the Hebrew and Greek words for hell in scripture.
    • Understanding hell as a place of rest for the deceased rather than eternal punishment.
  • Historical Context of Gehenna
    • Tracing the origins of Gehenna as a valley outside Jerusalem.
    • Explaining how Gehenna was used as a garbage dump, not a place of eternal torment.
  • The Devil in Scripture
    • Analyzing biblical references to Satan and the devil as adversaries or false accusers.
    • Dispelling misconceptions about the devil as a fiery tormentor.
  • Reinterpreting Tricky Passages
    • Investigating passages often used to support the existence of a devil with the power of death.
    • Offering alternative interpretations based on biblical context.
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