The Bible, Its Authority & Reliability.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Different aspects of the Bible that witness to the Bible’s divine authorship are explored. These aspects include the textual accuracy of the scripts, the unity of the messages in the Bible books, the survival of the Bible, archaeological finds that collaborate with the Bible’s account, and the Bible’s robust prophetic accuracy.


The video script discusses the authority and reliability of the Bible, addressing topics such as its textual accuracy, historical accuracy, and prophetic accuracy. It emphasizes the unity and consistency of the Bible, as well as the fulfillment of specific prophecies. The script concludes by highlighting the importance of the Bible in guiding individuals towards eternal life.


  • 00:00:54 💡 The Bible is seen as a means to become better people in God’s eyes and to seek answers from God rather than the world.
  • 00:02:23 💡 The Bible’s textual accuracy is supported by the meticulous preservation and transmission of its manuscripts by the Jewish community.
  • 00:04:53 💡 Archaeological evidence, such as artifacts in the British Museum, supports the historical accuracy of the events described in the Bible.
  • 00:06:32 💡 The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947, contain ancient copies of biblical texts that closely align with the modern Hebrew Bible.
  • 00:08:02 💡 The Bible’s unity and consistency across 66 books, written by different authors from diverse backgrounds, point to its divine inspiration.
  • 00:09:40 💡 The Bible contains numerous prophecies that have been accurately fulfilled, providing evidence of its prophetic accuracy.
  • 00:11:47 💡 The Old Testament contains specific prophecies regarding Jesus, which were fulfilled in his birth, betrayal, death, and burial.
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