The Bible promises peace in the Middle East.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Everyone wants peace, so is global peace achievable? In the Middle East there has been over 100 wars since the early 1900’s, with some ongoing. The Bible tells us Palestine is God’s land, which He has promised to Abraham – a very faithful man. God has an ultimate purpose with this world and that is to fill it with His glory. Only then there will be true global peace with Jesus Christ as King.


The video script discusses the demand for peace in the Middle East and explores what the Bible says about peace in the region. It emphasizes the need to rely on God’s word and the promises it holds. The script also mentions the conflicts in the Middle East and the potential for lasting peace in the future.

0:30 🕒 The video script acknowledges the demand for peace in the Middle East, as seen through signs and graffiti.
1:50 🕒 The script clarifies that the comments made are based solely on God’s word, not personal opinions or political affiliations.
3:15 🕒 The script highlights the connection between the Bible and the Middle East, discussing the historical events and people mentioned in the Bible.
6:20 🕒 The video script mentions the promise of a future time of peace in the Middle East, as stated in the Bible.
10:10 🕒 The script discusses the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the challenges in achieving lasting peace.
16:40 🕒 The script refers to prophecies in the Bible about a time of peace and safety before the battle of Armageddon.
18:50 🕒 The script concludes with the hope for peace in the Middle East and the opportunity for individuals to be part of God’s plan.
Key Insights
✨ The demand for peace in the Middle East is evident, as seen through signs and graffiti expressing a desire for peace and a ceasefire.
✨ The Bible has a significant connection to the Middle East, discussing its history, events, people, and prophecies related to the region.
✨ The promise of peace in the Middle East is not just a temporary or political solution but is rooted in God’s plan and the fulfillment of his promises.
✨ Achieving lasting peace in the Middle East has proven to be a challenge, with ongoing conflicts and the complexities of political dynamics.
✨ The Bible talks about a future time of peace and safety in the Middle East before the battle of Armageddon, indicating the possibility of a period of peace.
✨ The restoration of Israel and the regathering of the Jewish people are significant aspects of God’s plan for the Middle East and the world.
✨ Individuals have the opportunity to be part of God’s plan for peace by repenting, being baptized, and following God’s commandments.

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