The Blessing of Forgiveness – 6 Videos

This series of Bible studies were presented at the MACBS in 2019.

Forgiveness summary:
Forgiveness, as defined in the Bible, is generally misunderstood because of the confusion that exists in failing to differentiate between Godly forgiveness and human forgiveness.  God forgives because of His character, which is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, abounding in lovingkindness and faithfulness.  The Bible says it’s what He delights in doing and is ready to do, provided man uphold the righteous requirements God has established for a sinner to be forgiven.  The Lord Jesus Christ defines what forgiveness looks like in practical, every day terms.  From the cross, as he was being put to death, as the sinners were sinning against him, he forgave them, without waiting for an apology or their confession of wrongdoing.  Stephen followed the Master’s example, forgiving those who put him to death, as the stones were flying in his direction.  Paul, David, Joseph and Abigail all reflect the same understanding by their examples left on record for us.  Forgiveness for personal offenses is not the last thing we should do, when someone sin’s against us, it is the first thing we should do.  There is ample motivation to do so: to reflect God’s forgiving character; in light of the enormity of our own sins (as seen in the parable of the unforgiving creditor), and the warning that if we do not forgive others, God will not forgive us.  The example of David being forgiven is also examined in light of the lessons recorded in Psalm 52 and 31, which portrays the path a sinner must take to be recovered.  Learning to forgive with Godly forgiveness will have an immediate and positive spiritual impact on our marriage, our family, our ecclesial, and all other relationships.  It also rids the situation of the evil spirit that is unleashed when one person sins against another, thereby helping prevent and protect us from adding additional sin to a situation when someone has sinned against us.

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