The book of Romans: Study Classes 16 Videos

A study class centred on the book of Romans – given in a relaxed atmosphere in a home environment the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered.

When the gospel was preached to the Roman world, believers had to come to terms with their traditional pagan religion and this new belief.
God gives freewill, but requires people to develop faith. Faith comes only by hearing His word.
The speaker carefully compares many other quotations to amplify the full meaning of this Epistle to the Romans.
The first of 16 classes
This talk continues to give real insight into God’s teaching. If we know God’s ways and ignore them, we are in a precarious position.
A patient diligence is needed if we are to serve God. There were issues between Jews and Gentiles. Having received God’s law before the Gentiles, the Jews could boast in God.
But a true Jew is one whose heart is right before God and who does not elevate himself.

The Jews to whom the Word of God was first entrusted, could easily feel superior to their Gentile brethren. However, Paul demonstrates from the Scripture, that all are under the dominion of sin and fall short of God’s glory. However, through faith, we can stand together in hope of God’s glory. Careful reference to the many Hebrew Scriptures amplifies this important subject.

A Christadelphian Video:

The law exposed sin, but faith commits a believer to follow and obey. The first and primary example of faith is seen in the life of Abraham. The gospel was given to Abraham, because of his faith. We need to be fully persuaded as was Abraham, and walk in faith of Abraham.

The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #5
Believers stand in the hope of the glory of God despite present challenges. Tribulation is part of the process of life to help us learn from the present that our focus might be strengthened. This is demonstrated by reference to other parts of the Scripture to expand our appreciation and confidence that God will work in our lives now. Adam’s offence is explained with its effect upon all his descendants, but the grace of God offers salvation.

The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #5

Description:  Romans 6 begins by reminding us that we need to acknowledge that we are in a state of sin. Rather than focusing on sin, we need to focus on God manifestation and build up our faith, cleaving to the Lord Jesus. This begins with a new life in baptism. Hearing God leads to obedience and willing service.


The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #7:

Description: Being baptised, the aim is to live the new life in Christ. The law highlighted sin and identified its gravity. Despite our commitment to serve Christ, we find we are prone to sin repeatedly. Understanding this, we focus our mind upon delighting in the law of God. We need to be constantly conscious of the battle between serving sin and serving the Lord.

The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #8

Description:  Romans chapter 1 to 8 outlines the process involved in changing from the carnal to the spiritual mindset. When we are led by the spirit of God, we adopt the thinking of the spirit to serve our God. In this manner, we have fellowship of the spirit and become conquerors through him that loved us.

The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #9:

Description: The question of the Jews arises. Paul shows that fleshly descent counts for little and it is necessary to follow God’s way of righteousness, living by faith rather than law. Paul’s exposition is illustrated with many examples from Israel’s history. God is a merciful God, boundless in compassion if we walk with Him in faith. God’s ultimate intention was to call all people


The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #10

Description:  A key theme of Romans, the importance of faith is again emphasized. The Jews tried to establish personal righteousness by keeping law, yet it was impossible to keep every aspect of law. Paul’s references to Deuteronomy, confirm that faith is particularly related to the new covenant, which had been preached to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. True faith comes by hearing the Word of God.


The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #11:

Description:  Paul confirms that God has not cast away His people Israel. Despite their blindness and defection from the faith, Israel will eventually respond. Their defection made possible the preaching to the Gentiles. To be accepted, believers, both Gentile and Jew, have to be grafted into the Israel tree. The day will come when the Deliverer will come to Zion and God’s purpose will Israel will be finally accomplished.

The Epistle of Paul to the Romans #12
Description:  This chapter introduces a new section, focusing on the call to become a living sacrifice, conforming to the ways of God. When we see the world for what it is, our lives will become bound up with our relationship with God. As a consequence, our treatment of others will be impacted. 
The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #13:
Description: The Apostle now teaches the relationship of believers to the politicians of the day. We are required to ‘submit’ to the authorities at present in place, for God has overall management of human affairs. Our conscience needs to be guided by God’s thinking, for the present life is a training for our future.
The Epistle of Paul to the Romans #14

Description:  Live the new life, serve your Master, despite the challenges. Chapter 14 deals with matters of conscience. Much is rooted in the Jewish attitude to the Law. If any had a personal conscience of a matter, it was critical not to judge or impose. Rather than criticising a person, one needs to exercise attitudes which promote understanding and harmony.

The Epistle of the Paul to the Romans #15:
A Christadelphian Video Paul the prisoner, locked down for two years in Rome, stayed connected to the ecclesias, writing letters to help and encourage them. In Philippians, he made special mention of the elders. In times of isolation, ecclesias need good, selfless leadership and support from members.
The Epistle of Paul to the Romans #16

A Christadelphian Video; Description: The concluding chapter begins with an overview of the key themes of the book. Despite the enormity of sin, if we believe and make our delight in God, we will be in His grace. All in the ecclesia come and work together, united in Christ. The day will come when God will release us from the problem of sin. When we recognise and confess the issues of sin in our lives, then we will obey God and serve each other. The Epistle concludes with the call for the obedience of faith.


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