The Christian and politics


A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The Bible shows that human governments are established by God, and that whilst they will not always do what is right, as followers of Christ we must obey them unless they tell us to disobey God.

The speaker discusses the relationship between Christianity and politics, focusing on whether Christians should vote, protest against governments, or fight for their country. Using biblical examples like Daniel, they argue that Christians should trust God’s sovereignty over worldly rulers and not resist established authorities. The talk emphasises obedience to rulers as ultimately obeying God, and advises against involvement in political activism. It also highlights the distinction between the earthly kingdoms and the eternal kingdom of God, urging Christians to focus on living according to biblical principles rather than trying to change political systems.


  • [🙏] The speaker defines a Christian as someone who embraces the teachings of the Bible and believes in its authority.
  • [📜] They explore Romans 13 to discuss the Christian’s relationship with secular rulers, using Daniel’s example of living under an ungodly regime.
  • [🏰] Emphasises God’s sovereignty in appointing rulers, citing biblical examples and arguing against active political involvement.
  • [⚔️] Urges Christians not to resist earthly authorities, emphasising obedience to rulers as obedience to God.
  • [💭] Advises against political activism, suggesting Christians focus on personal righteousness rather than attempting to change political systems.


Christianity, politics, biblical principles

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